Smart Textiles Hub GmbH

Smart Textiles Hub GmbH
Königsbrücker Str. 96 , 01099 Dresden, Deutschland

welcome to the smart textiles hub.
the smart textiles hub gmbh was born in december 2021 as a beacon of innovatiion in the realm of smart & technical textiles, right here in dresden. together with our sister company, born gmbh, we’ve created a holistic ecosystem that covers the entire journey from ideation and conception to full-scale series production.
our hub’s inception.
in july 2022, we set up our hub within the zeitenströmung, infusing the place with our passion for innovation. here, we bring together a diverse and interdisciplinary team, each member dedicated to nurturing groundbreaking ideas and transforming them into tangible samples and prototypes.
bridging experience and innovation.
what sets us apart is the synergy between our research experiences, cultivated internally, and the wealth of knowledge amassed over the years by our sister company in the production of smart & technical textiles. Thi fusion of innovation and experience forms the bedrock of our mission, allowing us to translate your development goals into reality with unparalleled expertise.

At the smart textiles hub, we are more than just a development center, we are the architects of tomorrow’s textiles. join us on this journey, where innovation meets tradition, and together, we’ll developing textile intelligence.

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